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Power Diagnostix offers a wide range of products for various high voltage applications. The different instruments, accessories, software tools, and test equipments are sorted by their main task. However, instruments offering multiple functions can be found under miscellaneus topics. Our product navigator may help you to find the best suited instrument for your application.


Product Navigator

The product navigator may help you to find the best suited product for your application or task. Instruments will be selected automatically according to your choosen specification. Please let us know if you do have problems in finding the right choice.

PD Measurement Devices

This group of instruments offer partial discharge measurement functions of different performance level. Devices for test and research laboratories as well as systems for on-site PD analysis are available. Stand alone units, computer controlled systems or wireless operating acquisition sets are shown in this area.

PD Monitoring Systems

Partial discharge monitoring systems can be used for permanent surveillance of insulation systems on GIS, transformers, rotating machines, motors, cables, or other high voltage equipment. These instruments are designed for long term data recording, alarm handling, event recognition, and system integration. 


Calibrators are mandatory to perform PD and RIV calibration methods according to the applicable standards. Furthermore, they can be used for sensitivity checks on site or to measure pulse propagations on cables for instance.

PD Accessories

All additional items such as coupling capacitors, measuring impedances, preamplifier, high and low voltage filters, antennas, sensors, cables, and special software tools can be found in this group.

Tan Delta (LF/DF) Measurement

Loss factor or dissipation factor measurement devices are offered as stand alone units, or as an integrated optional part to our partial discharge measurement systems.

Fiber Optic Transmission Systems

These analog or digital transmission systems are used for different purposes in high voltage labs and test environments. The galvanic seperation between sensor and measuremnt device offers protection against transients, overvoltages, or differential potentials on grounding systems in industry facilities. The latest version of these systems (FOS4) is applicable for acoustic PD location on power transformers under AC or impulse voltages.

RIV Measurements

RIV measurements according to CISPR or NEMA standards are fullfilled by these instruments. The stand alone RIVmeter for instance is a new digital RIV detector that can be used to replace old outdated RIV systems in testing laboratories.

Acoustic PD Location

Different PD measurement instruments offer parallel PD location by acoustic methods. The sound waves detected by piezo sensors can be recorded and shown on an oscillographic display in parallel to the electrical PD pulse. This feature can be an optinal part of our PD measurement devices, or it is part of our stand alone system FOS.

Test & Automation

Here you will find sample configurations of complete test cabinets as well as control and measuremnt systems for modernization of existing test setups. Series PD testing on high voltage products is requested in quality assurance procedures and global testing standards. We offer test cells including HV supply of different ratings and individual solutions on customer demand.

Mobile Test System

Our mobile test system can be used for on site PD tests on transformers, GIS, or rotating machines. The highest power available is 2 MVA (1.3 MW) on three phases with a maximum voltage of 90 kV per phase. An applied voltage test of up to 500 kV can be performed with a single phase configuration. Customized test vans of lower power but higher mobility can be offered on demand.

Special Instruments

All groups as listed above do not cover all instruments in our scope of supply. Here you can find such special instruments and accessories for high voltage applications not mentioned before, such as an acoustic breakdown detector (ATTanalyzer) for instance.

Special Software

Power Diagnostix offers specialized control and analysis software for personal computers and laptops with Windows operating system.