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Exhibitions, Conferences, and Other Events

Power Diagnostix participates with various conferences, technical exhibitions, and trade shows. We are looking forward to meeting you there.

Power Diagnostix Webinar in March

March 17, 2021

Free webinar, March 17th: PD Monitoring on Substation Equipment, Part I (GIS)Read more

Power Diagnostix Webinar in September

September 16, 2020

Free webinar, September 16th: Partial discharge measurement on GIS/GIL using AIAcompactRead more

Power Diagnostix Webinar in July

July 22, 2020

Free webinar, July 22nd: Quality Control of HV products using the ICMcompact (IEC60270 measurements)Read more

Power Diagnostix Webinar in May

May 13, 2020
PDIX by Megger

Free webinar, May 13th: Off-line PD testing of rotating machines using ICMflex and ICMsystemRead more


April 20, 2020

IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exhibition 2020 More than 700 companies and thousands of professionals from more than 80 countries make the IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exhibition the biggest and most collaborative show...Read more

Megger Fachtagung Österreich 2020

March 31, 2020
Megger Logo

2. Megger Fachtagung in Österreich 2020 Fachtagung und Ausstellung Treffen der Branche der Energieversorger, Dienstleister, Elektrounternehmen, Hersteller sowie Fachhändler aus Österreich und Deutschland mit Vorträgen zu...Read more

Power Diagnostix Webinar in January

January 20, 2021

Free webinar, January 20th: Offline PD and Tan Delta Measurements on MV/HV cables using the ICMsystem and ICMflexRead more

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