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Please find herunder various job descriptions available. Please contact Power Diagnostix in case of any questions.

Field and Service Engineer

For onsite measurements, commissionings, maintenance and training jobs with our Partial Discharge (PD) measurement systems we are looking for a professional with high practical application knowledge and very good English language skills.  We expect a completed technical training or technical degree (preferably electrical engineering) and experience in measurement techniques on high voltage equipment. Language skills, openness and earlier periods abroad allow you to move appropriately in other cultures. Your main place of work will be at our head office in Aachen, Germany.

After an intensive training on the equipment, its use and the acquirement of additional knowledge in this special field of diagnosis of high voltage insulation systems, you operate our measurement systems onsite and you start with field and service measurements or training tasks for our customers worldwide. Writing expertises and summarizing measurement results is part of your job as well as taking care of giving feedback from onsite results to our development team in Aachen. Supporting our customers in case of technical problems or assisting our sales team with your application knowledge, for instance, is requested while being present at the head office in Aachen. 

Please send your complete application documents by mail or to the address below.

Senior Development Engineer

To strengthen our development team we are looking for an experienced professional with high technical knowledge in development of measurement and monitoring devices, hardware and software design, and strong organizational skills. We expect an electrical engineering degree and experience in HF/VHF/UHF measurement techniques on high voltage equipment. Working in a team and supporting young professionals with your knowledge is expected as well as keeping track of time lines as part of your own project management

After an intensive training on the different devices and measurement techniques you start with your own development projects. We expect very good skills in analog and digital electronic design, experience with layout programs such as Altium Designer, PADS, or Orcad and advanced programming knowledge for devices such as µCs, PLDs, and FPGAs. Fault and root cause analysis needs to be applied to find problems on instruments sent in for repair or as part of our quality management program. As one member of our test team you take care of final instrument checks and calibration jobs. Furthermore, you stay in close contact with our production team, you take care of updating or creating new assembly instructions and part lists and you take care of the documentation of all development work according to the ISO standards. Finally you stay in close contact with our clients to discuss customized solutions or to support them in case of technical problems. English language skills are mandatory.

Please send your complete application documents by mail or to the address below.

Studentische Hilfskraft, 12-19h/Woche, Webseitenentwicklung

Für die Pflege unserer Internetseite suchen wir eine studentische Hilfskraft aus dem Fachbereich Informatik oder vergleichbar für 12-19h pro Woche. Sie sollten sich umfänglich mit Typo 3 und PHP Programmierung auskennen und möglichst Erfahrung mit mehrsprachig aufgebauten Internetseiten gesammelt haben.

Bitte senden Sie Ihre vollständigen Bewerbungsunterlagen an die unten angegebene Adresse.

Studentische Hilfskräfte, Produktion / Entwicklung

Zur Unterstützung unserer Fertigungs- und/oder Entwicklungsabteilung suchen wir Studenten der technischen Fachrichtungen als Hilfskräfte für 12-19h/Woche. Ihre Aufgaben bestehen u.a. aus Platinenbestückung, Meßgeräte- und Schaltschrankbau, Routinetests und Prüfaufgaben im Labor. Fachpraktika und Diplomarbeiten für FH bzw. TH Studenten der Fachrichtung Elektrotechnik bzw. Informatik werden ebenfalls angeboten.

Bitte senden Sie Ihre vollständigen Bewerbungsunterlagen an die unten angegebene Adresse bzw. an folgende Email Adresse: application(at)



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