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The versatility of the Power Diagnostix line of PD detection equipment is due in large part to the range of accessories available for the ICMseries instruments. Each ICMseries data acquisition unit can be combined with different accessories to suit specific applications.


When a quadrupole and a coupling capacitor are used together as the coupling device, high voltage is applied both to a test object and to the coupling capacitor in parallel with the test object. A quadrupole (sometimes called a measuring impedance) can then be placed in series with either the coupling capacitor or in series with the test object. Some quadrupoles also output a low-voltage copy of the applied high-voltage wave for synchronizing the PD detector. The three basic models of available Power Diagnostix quadrupoles are briefly described here.

CIL Quadrupoles

The CIL quadrupoles consist of an inductor in parallel with a damping resistor. The inductor and resistor are calculated to form, together with a high-voltage coupling capacitor, a second order high pass filter. Therefore, matching the range of the CIL with the size of the coupling capacitor with which it will be used is important.

CIT Quadrupoles

The CIT coupling units are transformer type units, where a preamplifier’s input resistance functions as the required damping resistor. CIT units offer a higher sensitivity than the CIL coupling units. Furthermore, CIT units are available for bridged configurations to connect to two similar test objects as well.

CIL/V and CIT/V Quadrupoles

The CIL/V and CIT/V quadrupoles are similar to the CIL and CIT quadrupoles but also contain a capacitor acting as a voltage divider together with the high voltage coupling capacitor. This provides a low-voltage copy of the applied high-voltage wave that can be used through a HST to synchronize the PD detector and monitor the quality of the applied high-voltage wave.

Optionally, the quadrupoles with built-in divider capacitor for voltage measurement can be supplied with a rotary switch to select the divider capacitor. Especially, when connected to the measurement tap of transformer bushings, the selectable capacitors expand the applicable voltage range.

Standard Power Diagnostix Quadrupoles
Type Coupling Capacitor Range Max. AC Current
CIL1H 20 pF-90 pF 50 mA
CIL2H 60 pF-250 pF 100 mA
CIL3L 200 pF-900 pF 50 mA
CIL3M 200 pF-900 pF 200 mA
CIL3H 200 pF-900 pF 500 mA
CIL4L 600 pF-2.5 nF 100 mA
CIL4M 600 pF-2.5 nF 400 mA
CIL4H 600 pF-2.5 nF 1100 mA
CIL5L 2 nF-9 nF 400 mA
CIL5M 2 nF-9 nF 1600 mA
CIL5H 2 nF-9 nF 3200 mA
CIL6L 6 nF-25 nF 1000 mA
CIT4M 600 pF-2.5 nF 400 mA
CIT4H 600 pF-2.5 nF 1100 mA
CIT5M 2 nF-9 nF 1600 mA
CIT5H 2 nF-9 nF 3200 mA
CIT6M 6 nF-25 nF 4000 mA
CIT6H 6 nF-25 nF 8000 mA


All CIL and CIT units are available with one, two, or multiple (switchable) built-in divider capacitors to provide a voltage output signal, marked by '/V'