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Online Monitoring

The permanent surveillance of partial discharge activities on rotating machines or motors can help to find serious insulation defects at an early stage and it can prevent unpredictable stopps of the machine.

Online Monitoring

The installation of our PD monitoring system requires one outage of the motor or generator. Depending on the size and number of poles of the generator we recommend three or even up to 12 couplers for each unit.

Three PD couplers installed on a motor
Twelve PD coupler on a hydro generator

The coupler terminal box can be placed nearby or directly within the monitoring cabinet if this can be mounted on a wall in close distance to the generator or motor. One coaxial signal cable for each coupler carries the high frequency PD signal and the superimposed AC signal for synchronization purposes. The signal will be split internally by the acquisition system. The ICMmonitor can be equipped with a multiplexer input for 4, 8, or 12 channels. A separate gating input supports  external noise pulse discrimination by using an independent signal provided from a noise antenna or the high frequency current transformer CT100, that picks up such pulses from grounding leads for instance.

General connection diagram for a PD monitoring system