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CAL1 Series


Power Diagnostix calibrators enjoy all the advantages of 25 years experience in calibration services. The broad range of easy-to-use and robust units for many different applications ensures reliable PD measurements compliant to international standards, such as IEC 60270 and CISPR 18-2.

IEC60270 Compliant Calibration Impulse Generators

The standard calibrator CAL1A offers the charge range of 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 pC, while the CAL1B, mainly suitable for rotating machinery testing, covers the range of 100/200/500pC/1/2/5/10 nC.

For transformer testing Power Diagnostix offers four different models: CAL1C, CAL1D, CAL1G, CAL1J; all of them beeing suitable for laboratory and online tests. The CAL1C comes with an external capacitor 100 pF, whereas a switchable external capacitor 100pF/1nF is included in the delivery range of a CAL1J.

External capacitor 100 pF
DAkks calibration mark

Power Diagnostix delivers the calibrators of the CAL1 series with a fully traceable DAkkS calibration that is done on the basis of the method mentioned in the IEC60270-2000 A.3. This calibration certificate guarantees that the deviation of the charge output from its nominal value is less than 0.2 pC + 0.02 × q, with 'q' beeing the displayed value.

To ensure a reliable PD measurement, all calibrators shall be calibrated annually; the calibrator is re-adjusted, if necessary, and outfitted with a new battery.

The standard calibrators of Power Diagnostix' CAL1 series are listed in the table below, along with their ranges and key features.

Standard calibrators of the CAL1 series (zoomable)