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Power Diagnostix offers miscellaneous services in the field of dielectric high voltage insulation tests. Samples can be tested in our HV lab in Aachen or onsite by using differen kinds of power supplies. Training on the equipment and advanced analysis of measurement data can be offered on request. Larger groups can be trained at our training center in Aachen as well.


Testing Laboratory

At our high voltage test lab in Aachen we can offer miscellaneous dielectric tests to characterize and to analyze samples of different kinds under applied high voltage. Type tests and routine tests can be performed according to the relevant standards to certify the product quality. 

Onsite On- and Offline Measurements

Power Diagnostix engineers are available on on short notice for various kinds of dielectric measurements such as partial discharge, loss factor, or others. Such on-sitemeasurements cover on-line and off-line diagnostics on rotating machines including large motors, partial discharge mapping on cable systems, survey-type measurements on gas-insulated substation equipment, and partial discharge acceptance testing and PD location on large transmission-class power transformers. All required instruments are provided, of course. VLF sources and high voltage sources can be provided as well. 

Training and Seminars

Standard shop-floor partial discharge testing is a comparable easy task. However, applying in-depth partial discharge diagnostics requires knowledge and experience. Here, Power Diagnostix assists with training sessions for testing and engineering personnel and with seminars for larger service groups. Besides the mere installation and usage of the instruments, emphasis is put on understanding the theoretical background of partial discharge pattern, defect mechanism, and the interpretation of measurement results.

Installation and Commissioning Services

Especially for monitoring systems a complete installation service is offered. Typically, this installation of couplers and instruments include the calibration of the entire setup and the base-line measurement.

Consulting Activities

We offer our knowledge and experience in PD analysis and dielectric measurements with consulting activities at any place in the world. Whenever an additional, independet expertise is requested we are able to provide the full service, starting with the measurements, the analysis, and ending up with a very detailed report in written form.

Calibration Services (DAkkS / former DKD)

Power Diagnostix operates a calibration laboratory, which has received the accreditation within the German Calibration Service DKD by 2003. The audit was held by ‘Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt’ (PTB), the German authority of standards. In January 2012, Power Diagnostix passed to the newly introduced German accreditation authority DAkkS (DAkkS =Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle). Power Diagnostix’ new accreditation is filed under D-K-15068-01-00. The accreditation covers impulse charge (pC), voltages, and timing parameters, as well as on-site calibration of voltages up to 100 kVAC. The DKD (DAkkS) calibration service is of course also available for instrumentsand calibrator of other vendors. However, the cost-effective factory calibration applies only to instruments of Power Diagnostix make, if the full traceability of the DKD (DAkkS) calibration is not needed.