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Diagnostic Measurements on insulation materials of high voltage equipment is a major tool to determine the condition of the test object. It starts within research departments and ends onsite with permanent supervision of all kinds of high voltage powered devices.


Power Diagnostix instruments can be used for various applications. Here you can find suitable combinations of measurement devices, accessories like couplers, quadrupoles, preamplifiers, calibrators, and software packages for testing of:

Rotating Machines

Power, Distribution & Instrument Transformers

Switchgear Systems like AIS/GIS/GIL

MV, HV, EHV Cables & Cable Accessories

Bushings, Spacers, Insulators, etc.

Other Insulation Materials & Electronic Components

Please contact one of our engineers or agents in case you do not find here the information you are looking for. We will assist you to compile the best suited system for your application.

Please check in addition the following applicable standards for further information:

  • IEC 60270:2000/BS EN 60270:2001 "High-Voltage Test Techniques – Partial Discharge Measurements"
  • IEC 61934:2006 "Electrical insulating materials and systems - Electrical measurement of PD under short rise time and repetitive voltage impulses"
  • IEC 60664-4:2007 "Insulation coordination for equipment within low-voltage systems – Part 4: Consideration of high-frequency voltage stress"
  • IEC 60034-27:2007 "Rotating electrical machines – Off-line partial discharge measurements on the stator winding insulation of rotating electrical machines"
  • IEEE Std 436™-1991 (R2007) "IEEE Guide for Making Corona (Partial Discharge) Measurements on Electronic Transformers"
  • IEEE 1434–2000 "IEEE Trial-Use Guide to the Measurement of Partial Discharges in Rotating Machinery"
  • IEEE 400-2001 "IEEE Guide for Field Testing and Evaluation of the Insulation of Shielded Power Cable Systems"