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PD Monitoring Systems


Partial discharge monitoring systems can be used for permanent surveillance of insulation systems on GIS, transformers, rotating machines, motors, cables, or other high voltage equipment. These instruments are designed for long term data recording, alarm handling, event recognition, and system integration.

PD Monitoring Systems


The GISmonitor offers parallel, real-time acquisition of UHF PD signals captured by any embedded or external sensors permanently installed on gas-insulated switch gear (GIS). The system builds on compact 8‑channel sub-modules to allow flexible configuration.


The ICMmonitor is an instrument for continuous on-line monitoring of partial discharge activity in high voltage equipment. The instrument tracks changes in key discharge quantities for storage in trending diagrams and for triggering user-settable alarms. TCP/IP, Modem, fiber optic or direct serial links enable remote access and full remote control. The latest version of the ICMmonitor comes with spectrum analysis function (formerly know as SPECmonitor), acoustic signal detection, and a conventional partial discharge measurement circuit.