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New Monitoring Device for Cable Systems - ICMmonitor CA

Janeiro 27, 2017

Power Diagnostix developed the ICMmonitor CA, a new monitoring system for PD detection on power cables offering real-time acquisition of PD signals and peak meter reading on up to six channels in parallel.

The ICMmonitor CA is a multi-channel PD acquisition system for permanent installation on HV cable systems for instance. The system consists of IP65 protected PD acquisition units and a monitoring control rack connected via fiber optic cable for transmission of data over long distances. It offers inputs for gating and synchronization purposes.

The monitoring software allows the storage of trending data of peak values (Qp) and normalized quantities (averaged) values (NQS) of years. Additionally, PD patterns, system health information, or alarm events can be stored and evaluated.

Further information

ICMmonitor CA

ICMmonitor CA