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Test & automatisering


Partial discharge testing – well established for high voltage equipment – becomes increasingly important for insulation systems of a lower voltage level. Changing to switching power supply and to IGBT control of induction motors, for instance, raise demands and testing needs for the insulation system. The modular concept of Power Diagnostix’ instruments allows offering customized solutions for automated and semi-automated testing.

Test & automatisering

Modular Concept

Different levels of automation can be provided depending on the testing needs. In case of full production testing a high level of automation and simple go/no go decision is needed, whereas manual control offers a higher level of flexibility when testing samples or sample variants during development.

Generally, such test arrangement consist of a test chamber with a built-in high voltage transformer and instruments to control and measure voltage and partial discharge. The setup includes the safety interlock, automated grounding system, and over-current protection. Different levels of automation are offered combining the basic HVcompact for voltage measurement with the HVcontrol for regulating the HV transformer and programming voltage steps, ramps, or more complex functions. Installed on an industrial PC, the HVpilot software then optionally controls these instruments and the ICMcompact for the PD signal and automatically prepares the test report. Additionally, Power Diagnostix designs special test fixtures, dual test chambers for increased performance, and customer specific software.
Alternatively, of course, such instruments can be used to modernize the control of an older high voltage transformer and its regulating transformer.

Levels of Automation

Depending on the needs the instruments and controls can be compiled in different versions:

Level A:
Partial discharge test bench for sample testing consisting of a test chamber and manual voltage control equipped with an ICMcompact for PD measurement with voltage option or an HVcompact for voltage measurement.

Level B:
As level A, but instead of the HVcompact with the HVcontrol including a STEP option  for automated voltage control.

Level C:
As above, but with an industrial PC and the HVpilot software for fully automated control and test report generation.

Level D:
Modernization of test rooms using HVcontrol, HVcompact or STEPcompact, and ICMcompact. Software control as with level C.