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The versatility of the Power Diagnostix line of PD detection equipment is due in large part to the range of accessories available for the ICMseries instruments. Each ICMseries data acquisition unit can be combined with different accessories to suit specific applications.

Vari accessori per la serie ICM

Isolation Transformer

Transformers of the IT series allow isolated HF coupling to PD sources such as HV cable joint sensors or transformer bushings. They pick up partial discharge signals from the frequency range required with the IEC 60270 up to the FM range. They are tested to withstand potential difference of 10 kVAC (50 Hz) for one minute in order to avoid damages due to differential voltages (both AC and transients). They allow the permanent isolation of a difference of 250 Volts between input and output. Their high frequency behavior is optimized for 50Ω systems and the use with a multiplexer and preamplifier of type RPA2 or RPA2B.

An extra voltage output ‘/V’ with the 50/60 Hz fundamental frequency is available on request.

Type Max. AC
Max. Voltage
(< 1 minute)
-6dB LF
-3dB LF
-3dB HF
-6dB HF
Input Connector
500mA10 kVAC300 kHz500 kHz30 MHz80 MHzBNC
IT3B1000mA1 kVAC100 kHz200 kHz30 MHz50 MHzBNC
IT4B1000mA1 kVAC100 kHz200 kHz30 MHz50 MHzBanana


Active Bridge Adapter

The active bridge adapter AB1 is an optional accessory that can be used in certain circumstances to “subtract” noise from the measurement setup. It serves to balance the signal picked up by two preamplifiers to reduce the common mode noise or disturbance. This method is applicable when two branches are available.

A mismatch of the signal strength can be adjusted with the AB1's control knob. With the preamplifiers of the two branches connected to the “Pos” and “Neg” input of the AB1, and the output connected to the AMP IN of the PD detector, the control knob is used to minimize the common mode signal.

Signal Combiner

The signal combiner CSC1 allows to select or combine signals from 4 BNC-inputs to one BNC-output. The input and output impedance is thereby kept to 50 W, even if one channel is selected or if the sum of all four channels is selected.

Input Protection Units

The protection units IPU1 and IPU2 are designed to avoid damage of spectrum analyzer input circuits or of preamplifier input stages under the presence of strong transient signals.

IPU2C con classe di protezione IP65
IPU2B con classe di protezione IP52

Caso di trasporto

All instruments of the ICMseries can be delivered with a solid transportation case with cut-out foam to carry one instrument and its accessories.

Width: 67 cm
Height: 26 cm
Depth: 51 cm
Weight (empty): 11 kg