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Logiciel spécial

Power Diagnostix offers specialized control and analysis software for personal computers and laptops with Windows operating system.

Logiciel spécial

Power Diagnostix offers specialized control and analysis software for personal computers and laptops with Windows operating system.


ICMexpert is a database software for managing partial discharge (PD) patterns and extends the possibilities of Power Diagnostix programs like ICMcompact, ICMmonitor, ICMsystem, HVpilot, ICMflex, and GISmonitor. This easy-to-use tool offers functions for three main tasks occurring regularly when doing PD measurements:

  • Classification of pattern according to their PD fault(s),
  • Pattern editing to correct deficiencies of the set-up, erase disturbances, and highlighting pattern regions characterizing typical PD faults,
  • Adding and maintaining additional information to recorded pattern.

For each of these tasks ICMexpert provides a separate software panel.

The database structure is customizable according to different applications and user requirements. Additionally, the ICMexpert software supports the export of complete clones or parts of the database. Clones can be used to operate with the same database structure on different computers staying compatible with each of the used database files.


For PD location purposes the ICMacoustic software offers simple and full control of the FOsystem FOS4 or an oscilloscope of the Tektronix 20xx family. The software provides a virtual instrument to run the FOS4 or an oscilloscope under Windows 7/8/10. Critical frequencies can easily be detected and filters can be set for in-depth analysis.

Contained functions are:

  • Simultaneous display of up to 12 channels of the FOS4
  • Accurate fault location by triangulation with freely configurable parameters for the different propagation velocities in oil and steel
  • Screenshot functions
  • Analysis and visualization of measurement results through customizable 3D models
  • Extensive report and export functions for measuring results and graphical representation of the fault location
  • Convenient step-by-step wizard during the measurement


Generally, a spectrum analyzer is an excellent tool to identify partial discharge and noise spectra, as well as the signal to noise ratio. Further, if appropriately used in zero-span mode, a spectrum analyzer offers an oscilloscope-like phase resolved display. However, as spectrum ana­lyzers are designed pri­ma­rily for other measure­ments, they are found in general not easy to use.

In order to ease this operation and to remove the hassle of controlling a multitude of menus and sub-menus, the ICMspectrum software was written. This software allows full control of analyzers of the Agilent/HP 856xE, 859xE and ESA family as well as the FSL3 (R&S). The soft­ware is reduced to the functions needed for on-site partial discharge testing. It offers convenient data acqui­sition and storage. Graphs can be directly pasted into Word documents or Excel sheets. Screen shots can be taken, stored, and pasted. The software package runs under Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP/7 (32bit).

Besides the analysis using merely the spectrum analyzer, the instrument can also be used to pre-process the signals for further evaluation and pattern analysis with the ICMsystem. In case, the ICMsystem is connected via an RPA1 to the so-called 'video out', which is the pro­cessed analog field strength signal.

Originally, the ICMspectrum software was written for the spectrum analyzers of the Agilent 859xE family that was discontinued in the meantime. Most of the new spectrum analyzers come with a Windows based operating system, which has an impact on response times and does not really improve the instruments. However, we have fully integrated the new analyzers as well. Thus, the ICMspectrum software controls the new units via the GPIB interface and offers comparable screenshots regardless the analyzer used.