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Série CAL3


Power Diagnostix calibrators enjoy all the advantages of 25 years' experience in calibration services. The broad range of easy-to-use and robust units for many different applications ensures reliable PD measurements compliant to international standards, such as IEC 60270 and CISPR 18-2.

Calibrateurs pour mesures de la tension d'interférence radio

Power Diagnostix offre trois modèles différents de générateurs d'impulsions d'étalonnage pour les mesures RIV: les modèles CAL3A, CAL3B et CAL3D. Ils sont tous conformes à NEMA 107-1987 ou à CISPR 18-2.

Calibrator signal during burst mode

A pushbutton allows toggling between continuous mode (Cont.) and burst mode (Burst), the latter is indicated by a blinking '+' sign. During the burst mode the calibration signal is turned on for about 8 ms each cycle (20 ms at 50 Hz version).

All calibrators of the CAL3 series offer the charge range of 10 µV to 10 mV. The amplitude can be set in following steps: 0 µV, 20 µV, 50 µV, 100 µV, 200 µV, 500 µV, 1 mV, 2 mV, 5 mV, 10 mV.

A rotary switch on the left side of the calibrator is used to select the signal frequency. The top position '0' selects 600 kHz for the CAL3A. It is increased in steps of 50 kHz up to 1350 kHz. The standard frequency of 1 MHz is selected at lowest position '8'. The CAL3B and CAL3D offer a range of 400 kHz to 1900 kHz in steps of 100 kHz.

Fully Traceable Calibration

Factory calibration mark

Power Diagnostix delivers the calibrators of the CAL3 series with a fully traceable factory calibration.

To ensure a reliable PD measurement, all calibrators shall be calibrated annually; the calibrator is re-adjusted, if necessary, and outfitted with a new battery.

The standard calibrators of Power Diagnostix' CAL3 series are listed in the table below, along with their ranges and key features.

Standard calibrators of the CAL3 series (zoomable)