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Here you can find brief descriptions of our latest developments, publications and events.

Power Diagnostix Webinar in September

September 16, 2020

Free webinar, September 16th: Partial discharge measurement on GIS/GIL using AIAcompact

This is a free webinar.

GIS owners or operators often decide as an asset management strategy to perform regular analysis of the current state of the asset. Partial discharge (PD) measurements on GIS/GIL can help to assess the condition of the asset and extend maintenance intervals in case of healthy conditions. If PD occurs, analysis of the signal strength and pattern shape can give valuable information about the type of defect and its location, resulting in shorter maintenance duration. The AIAcompact is a portable, cost-effective PD detector optimized for UHF and acoustic PD measurements on GIS in laboratory and on-site. The purpose of this webinar is to introduce PD testing using the AIAcompact on live GIS with acoustic and UHF sensors.

Presenter: Stefan Seibel

Stefan Seibel studied electrical power engineering at RWTH Aachen University. After receiving his Master degree, he worked for the Aachen Institute of High Voltage Technology for five years before joining Power Diagnostix in January 2019. As part of PDIX Service Business he is responsible for on-site testing of transformers, GIS, rotating machines and cables.

September 16th, 2020
10 AM CET and 5 PM CET