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Durchführungen, Distanzstücke, Isolatoren usw.


Teilentladungsmessungen an verschiedenen Arten von Hochspannungskomponenten wie Durchführungen, Abstandshaltern, Isolatoren usw. helfen dabei, das gesamte Hochspannungssystem zu schützen.

Teilentladungsprüfungen an Durchführungen, Distanzstücken, Isolatoren usw.

Quality control in terms of pretesting of accessories of high voltage transformers, switchgear or other key components becomes more and more an important issue to spread the responsibility on sub suppliers and their quality management system. Therefor, such manufacturing sites build up their own PD test bench for the final acceptance tests on bushings, spacers, insulators, etc. Providing test reports to customers showing the guarantee level of internal PD and the applied standards is common practice.

Power Diagnostix helps to design and to specify complete test benches. We cooperate with multiple partners in test room design and shop floor automation. The modularity of our equipment allows a customized design according to the needs of our customers.

TE-Prüfungen an kleinen Durchführungen