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Power Diagnostix Webinar in May

May 13, 2020

Free webinar, May 13th: Off-line PD testing of rotating machines using ICMflex and ICMsystem

This is a free webinar.

Partial discharge measurements are a proven technique to assess the quality of insulation materials, the performance of manufacturing techniques and workmanship for new manufactured stator bars and completely assembled windings. Moreover, PD measurements a very effective test method to determine the degree of ongoing stator winding deterioration for rotating machinery with certain lifetime. This first rotating machine webinar focuses on the application off-line PD testing in factory and on-site environments with reference to available standards and technical specifications. Subjects covered throughout the webinar are the basics of stator winding insulation systems, stator winding deterioration, common off-line test methods, typical measurement circuits with the ICMsystem & ICMflex, to finally conclude with several case studies and typical phase resolved partial discharge patterns acquired and HV motors and generators.

Presenter: Jeroen Goedertier

May 13th, 2020
10 AM CET and 5 PM CET

PDIX by Megger