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Here you can find brief descriptions of our latest developments, publications and events.

New PD Test Stations

February 27, 2013

Power Diagnostix offers customized partial discharge test cabinets for different voltage levels and various applications. Test procedures can be automated and simplified for quality assurance or batch testing. Please contact Power Diagnostix for further details.

Partial Discharge acceptance testing is common standard in most production areas of high voltage equipments and materials such as solar panels, instrument transformers (CTs, PTs), bushings, coils, switches, electronice devices or others. It is part of the quality assurance procedures and life cycle tests. Especially components of low and medium voltage applications can be easyly tested in encapsulated test cabinets. Power Diagnostix can offer such safety cabinets from 1 kV up to 20 kV. Test areas for voltage levels above can be designed and offered as well.