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PD Monitoring

Power Diagnostix offers PD monitoring systems for permanent surveillance of power cable systems with focus on its accessories like joints and terminations. Embedded capacitive sensors can be used as well as external HFCTs on cross link boxes for instance.

PD Monitoring on Power Cable Systems

Partial discharge can occur at voids, gaps, and similar defects in medium and high voltage cable systems. If allowed to continue, partial discharge will erode the insulation, usually forming a treeshaped pattern of deterioration (electrical tree) and eventually result in complete breakdown and failure of the cable or accessory. Such failures cause unplanned power outages, loss of plant  production, equipment damage, and/or personnel injury. Data obtained through partial discharge testing and monitoring can provide critical information regarding the quality of insulation and its impact on cable system health. By detecting and trending partial discharge, it is possible to observe its development over time in order to assist asset managers with strategic decisions regarding the repair or replacement of the cable  prioritizing capital and MRO investments before an unexpected outage occurs.

PD monitoring installation (principle)